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Tim Bazell, Producer

Tim's signature style as a producer is helping artists to be the best version of themselves. He is available to work in:


  • A studio of your choice (Tim has worked at Real World, Snap! and The Church)

  • location recordings

  • his own high-end recording studios located in central London (Farringdon) and north London (Collindale).


Tim often works on behalf of labels and management companies to help develop up and coming bands and artists to write and record, to build on their technical abilities and playing relationship within a group.


For example he has been working with bands such as Alula, and artists such as Mimi Love and Anouki.


Tim also co-writes with artists, recently with Kelli Leigh, Lisa Watchon, Dillon Jai and Ghosts in Daylight.


He can also provide support with arrangements, recording, mixing, editing and hiring session musicians. Tim has access to wide range of session musicians and can find the right person for any musical style or project.


Producer Tim Bazell is experienced at working across a broad range of musical styles. He specialises in helping artists to translate their creative vision for their music into their ideal recording.


Tim's services include:


  • Production

  • Artist/Band Development

  • Songwriting and arrangement

  • Session Musicians

  • Recording

  • Mixing

  • Editing and Post Production

  • Voice Overs

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